PRIMACota 5F Automatic Tablet Coating System

The PMS PRIMACota fully automated Tablet Coating Systems designed for R&D and includes three interchangeable pans giving a variable working capacity of 0.5 to 5.0 Kg.  The fully integrated, electrically heated AHU is located within the coater enclosure and is complete with instrumentation for the control of air temperature, flow and air pressure through the pan bed.   The coating enclosure also houses a Watson Marlow peristaltic pump which is operated and controlled via the HMI.



  • Siemens S7 Industrial PLC control
  • Siemens HMI operator touch screen
  • Complete display and control of the coating process
  • Data acquisition, downloading and print functions
  • Unique ‘streamline’ guide plate (agitator) design
  • Spray gun with self-cleaning
  • 3 interchangeable Pans